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Mr. Pál Rácz Gold-laurate Violinmaker master

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“The profession of the musical intruments is the special science of the master

Somtimes I research analse only one musical instrument more months. Finally I realize the optimal solution. The professional humility as important as the technology knowledge and the common conideration at the restor of the intruments.”

We undertake commisions the “bridgecutting” to the keysfitting and other setting to the full restor in our workshop.



When someone buys a master intrument in our shop we issue and expert opinion always by Pál Rácz Golden-laurate Violinmaker Master – 40 years of professional experience, based on​ – with the customers name on.

The instruments are examined according to the following criteria:

The instument, which coheres as a whole, and the maker’s original written or printed label or marking can be found in it.
The violin coheres as a whole, but the marking is not correct.
The original parts were completed with other parts, it is a so called composite musical instrument, the parts of which can be identified separately according to their age, origin, etc.
Others: The given instrument cannot be identified according to its origin, however, because of its elaboration, the quality of its varnishing, it may represent a significant value.

Sale & Purchase



The sale and purchase of musical instruments in addition we also provide a unique opportunity to exchange! So old and bored of crediting instruments do not have to worry about selling!​

The value after reconciliation can take home the instrument of your dreams!

Mester instruments

​Student instruments

Antique instruments

Our instruments are all learners, advanced, art lovers and artists can certainly find the right one for them.

Older in good condition, refurbished and scanned manufacture of violins, violas, cellos and basses to choose from.​