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Mr. Pál Rácz Gold-laurate Violinmaker master

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About Me

Pál Rácz, his enormous success at the Violinmaker’s World Championship


Dear Pál Rácz! What time did you get to contact the music, the violins at first?

In branches of my father and my mother everybody has been contacted in music. My destiny was inevitable.
I got my first violin when I was four; this was a magical musical instrument. To this day, I am in touch contact with musical instruments.

How did „ this meeting” change your life?

I can give voice to every sounds-stringed instrument. I am able to test the acoustic voice. It’s a basic reguireing from a violin’s maker. I could get lots of important, determinative experiences form all over the world as a musician. During my wandering years I had opportunities to learn in the West, to study tricks of the skills of the violin’s maker in the most famous workshop.Mentality and the culture of the other nations were meant for me novelty and were opened news skill opportunities, perspectives, and outlooks.
In the 1970s there weren’t opportunities the reach to the auctions, to enter to the special museums, to get near to the specialized literature or to any collections in Hungary. But I had perspectives.
My conviction is the conditions of the instrument’s playing technique as an aesthetic appearance; so -called its beauty originated in art – profession.

Please tell me about your sphere of work and activity. We would like to know how was your professional career assumed a from?

I foster, promote a good connection with the most famous masters form Cremona to London. These connections form the beginnings, from the initial stage relationship it was become a friendship during the long years. Up to the present I have research inquisitive, devotions they were made for my own, put a spirit into the materials, inoculate art, a workshop secret of the masters. There is an old sentence:
„Every musical instrument has a spirit and it chooses a master of itself”

What kind of home and international achievements have you got with your art of the violin’s maker?

I don’t think, I would be a carrier of secrets but I hope, more and more experiences, expertises more and more special knowledge’s. These were recognized by the jury of the Violinmaker’s World Championship in Cremona in Italy last week (Pisogne 2010). The members of the jury consisted of the international masters.
That musical instrument is considered an authenticated duplicate as a wood, as a lacquer, in colour, in a workout, elaborate and in note. It’s corresponded with the original one. The professional jury was decided on the evidence of these expectations. My victory is not only for my own victory. This appreciation is for hungarian violin maker’s artisan. It’s very significant appreciation. On the occasion of this interview I can saying:
Our state and our chamber don’t financial assistance enough to the most genuine craftsman – art profession of the violin’s maker’s line as such in the neighboring countries: Slovenia, Czech Republic and Poland. Competitions, exhibitions are organized in every year in these countries. I feel myself in my professional commitment to do a lot in a starting Association of Hungarian Musical Instrument Makers. It comes into being nowadays. We are proud of saying the best master of the musical instrument makers come to Hungary.